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Our Secdoor sectional garage doors are offered in a manual as well as in automated versions. If you choose the comfort of the remote control use, you will receive 55 years experience and technology integrated in the newest model operators of the world leader Marantec-Germany. The German company has been a partner of Secdoor for more than 10 years and it guarantees the strict quality and tradition in every operator for sectional door. Marantec is a winner of numerous prestigious awards in the field of door automation amongst which the famous Blueline Technology Award from the International Specialized Door Fair in Stuttgart,Germany.





More functionality. More cleanness. More speed. More light. More design. More use. Less energy consumption. These are the new Marantec garage door operators.


Along with the German quality and dependability of the Marantec operators we also offer you limitless opportunities to accessorize and personalize your door, which will additionally improve the pleasure from using it.


Remote controls, push buttons, photocells, signal lights and many more

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