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Thermo insulated sectional doors for your garage from the time-tested brand Secdoor.


Our sectional doors are produced from high quality European materials through vigorous ultramodern technologies and processes.


The advantages you get when you order a Secdoor door:


  1. Excellent insulation qualities that provide to your garage warmth during the winter and coolness during the summer.
  2. The use of silicon rolls and rubber belts make for a super silent door movement.
  3. Built to save your garage space- now you have plenty of space left for your other belongings.
  4. The safety cable and spring break devices deliver European safety standards so you feel secure for your loved ones.
  5. Long life with minimum maintenance – check ups once per year and the use of silicon spray can guarantee more than 10 years careless use.
  6. Built to your personal and specific requirements- the vast array of panels and colors will give you the opportunity to express yourself and provide character and style to your house.


Technical Characteristics


Production Standard CE (EN13241-1)

Rails and Profiles – galvanized

Panel 42mm

RAL coloring

Panel filling – polyurethane

Wind Class 3

Air Permeability Class 4

Water Permeability Class 3

Heat Transfer Coefficient 1.2W/(m2K)

Sound Coefficient 24 dB

Electric Motor Protection Class IP54

Electricity 230/400V

Maximum Dimensions H Max 8000mm, W Max 10 000mm


Options for Personalization –colors and panels


Garage doors are usually a big part of the façade of a building or a house that is why we give you a vast array of colors and panels to choose from. We offer wood imitation panels for warmth and personal feel and also flat and clean panels for a more minimalistic feel and look.


The choice of colors is up to your imagination with more than 120 colors on the RAL scale.


Options for Personalization – functional solutions


Besides a great vision the Secdoor doors give you practical functionality.


With the glazing options that we provide it is up to you to choose between one or two different design windows or whole transparent window row. In this way you can transform your garage in a comfortable and practical work or hobby place and enjoy the natural light.


The option to install a wicket (pedestrian) door is a convenient solution when you do not need to move your car. This way you also save up energy by not opening the entire sectional door.


Construction Elements


The perfectly précised components of the sectional door provide a smooth and comfortable operation even in intensive use


  1. Strong steel profiles – vertical and horizontal, zinc 275/ thickness 2-2.5mm
  2. Massive steel rod with torsion spring system, which gives you 25 000 cycles of operation- this means more than 34 years of use without the need for a replacement
  3. Thermo panel 40mm with steel thickness of 0.7mm- providing quality insulation as well as security to your garage
  4. Rolls and hinges for silent use.
  5. Rubber profiles made from high quality GPDM  providing maximum insulation
  6. Handles and locks for comfort and safety.


Safety and Security


The close partnership that we maintain with our European partners gives us knowledge and expertise in the latest safety systems tested in European laboratories.


  1. Cable break devices
  2. Spring break devices
  3. Door stop when meeting an obstacle
  4. Optional installation of additional photocells
  5. Magnetic cut-off for pedestrian doors
  6. Electronic protection against breaking and entering integrated in the door automation.


Download a brochure from here.