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Индустриални врати



Thermo insulated sectional industrial doors for warehouses, factories, car- dealerships, etc


The Secdoor brand industrial sectional doors are the best solution for your production or storage needs.


Advantages of the Secdoor industrial doors:


  1. Excellent insulation qualities- you can save up to 30% from your expenses for heating during the winter and cooling during the summer.
  2. Super silent – the silicon rolls and three-phase operators from Marantec-Germany guarantee extremely silent opening and closing.
  3. Designed in a way to save up space- with the use of different opening solutions now you can use the space underneath the door for storing or work.
  4. European Standards for safety and dependability – the use of materials produced only by the best European suppliers guarantees the best quality of our production.
  5. Long life use with minimum maintenance- the subscription service we offer with visits once every 6 months or 1 year guarantee optimal work of your industrial door without any additional expenses.
  6. Produced with your individual and specific requirements and needs- the personal solutions that our company offers, guarantee that the door that you order will be produced specifically for you- helping you with your daily work processes. 


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